Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The year I learned to crochet

I started to learn to crochet just over a year ago (March 2015) and that means I've made a lot of hats and scarves in the last year. My first scarf was the one where it felt like it was two stitches forward and one back with a lot of swearing in between, but by September I was able to make this one that I don't mind being seen in on the school run.
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Back in January I made this one for the local prem baby unit:

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All the members of the Crafty Mrs Noah craft group made one or two each and we ended up with about 60 in total.
Crafty 8 Year Old wanted to learn too so I taught her to double crochet and she's been making hats and scarves for her toys ever since, as well as a hat and scarf for herself. She didn't use a pattern for her hat and just kind of freestyled it. I thought that was really clever and then discovered freeform crochet was actually a real thing! I've picked up a book (Freeform Crochet and Beyond by Renate Kitkpatrick). More on that in a later post...

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