Friday, 10 June 2016

Felting the Britannia Clock Tower, part 2

Continued from part 1

Now I had a felted building it was time to attach the felt trees. Emma had said I could 'borrow' some green wool in a beautiful mix of colours and just by curling it into loops with my fingers I could see it would make much better trees than I made a few weeks earlier.

So I added some new trees onto the backing felt:

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Then I sat the felted work next to the sky fabric I'd painted and - yes - the sky looked flat and boring next to the wonderful texture and colour of the felt.

So now I was going to felt the whole thing!

Here it is with some sky and road added, but the clock face removed as I wasn't happy with my first attempt.

And here's the finished picture, although I still need to sort out how I'll frame it. That'll be part 3 I guess!

By the way, I added a new clock face and sewed the hands on using gold thread. It was too fine to do with felt, which is why my previous attempt hadn't worked.

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