Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Getting back into crafting after almost 20 years

I was always making stuff as a kid, then when I got to about 11 I started doing a lot of machine sewing (I never had the patience to do it by hand). That carried on until my early twenties and then I pretty much stopped doing anything creative. Three people have inspired me to get back into making over the last couple of years.

The first is my 8 year old who constantly has at least 3 craft projects on the go, and reminded me of the way I used to be.

The second is Emma Johnstone who has eased me back into making things by encouraging me to try lots of different crafts at her Crafty Mrs Noah group in Bedford (anyone for wet felting?!) and teaching me to crochet. Not forgetting all the other members of Mrs Noah, too.

 The third is Janet who teaches sewing but I've never actually made it to one of her courses (sorry - guess I needed to get my confidence back!) But her blog and seeing her flow of new creations on the school run has definitely inspired me to get sewing again.

Here's a bag I finished a couple of months ago. it's upcycled from a pair of old jeans and has some hand embroidery, crochet and a lining. I couldn't use a pattern because I had to work with the size of the jeans I had, so I'm pleased I managed to fit it all together myself. It's a little more embellished than I originally planned because crafty then-7 year old gave me some things to sew on it and I couldn't say no, especially when she crocheted me a flower just for this bag.

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