Friday, 30 September 2016

How did the exhibitions go?

It's been a very busy September!* So I've only just got around to posting here at my craft blog.

We're currently part of the way through the Weaving Narratives exhibitions, with Bedford and Luton done and Flitwick still to go (Flitwick library, Oct 13th to 15th) and they've been a great success.

In fact other venues have asked if they can host us for extra exhibitions. I think we (contributors and visitors) have all been amazed by the variety of techniques used and what we have been inspired to make by the material in the archives.

For the non-professional artists in the group (me included) it's been such good fun sharing the excitement of seeing our work in an art exhibition. For most of us it's been something we didn't realise we had the capability to do or ever expected to happen.

Well worth getting out of our comfort zones for!

Here are a couple of pictures:

A photo posted by Helen Lindop (@helenlindop) on

A photo posted by Helen Lindop (@helenlindop) on

I have been doing a few other crafty things this month, so look out for my next post on that. :-)

*Ironically one of the things I did this month was listen to this series on the cult of busy-ness. Well worth a listen. So every time I hear myself saying 'I'm so busy' I question why. Which can only be a good thing.

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